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How to Fix GMail Unread Messages Favicon


Living Without GMail’s Unread Message Icon feature

GMail provides an amazing Google Labs feature to show the unread message count in the Favicon of the GMail web page. If you use features like Chrome’s “Pin Tab” to manage your gmail tabs, this is essential to seeing when you have new mail. Unfortunately, this feature broke in public GMail sometime in October/November of 2012 based on public reports.

How to Fix Unread Favicon in GMail for Chrome

Thanks to Bertrand Schneider for the code snippet and fix.

Why did the favicon break?

It looks like there was a regression that causes two favicon link elements to be generated in the GMail markup, causing only the first to take precedence for the page (the default favicon) and the smart favicon with the unread count not to be shown.

Work-around for old GMail (on Google Apps domain)

Change the match string in the JavaScript only to match your public gmail account, for example https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/* if your public GMail is your first logged in google account.

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