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Asset Bundling vs. Internet Explorer CSS Limits


Weird CSS Limits in IE
Internet Explorer 6 & 7 have several surprising hard limits for CSS stylesheets you won’t find in any other browser:

  • No more than 4096 CSS rules/file
  • No more than 32 referenced CSS files.

Once you cross either of these thresholds, CSS styles will be quietly dropped without applying.

Asset Bundling
At PatientsLikeMe, we’ve decreased page load time by bundling common CSS/JS files together and serving them over a Content Delivery Network. We also make heavy use of SASS mixins for style encapsulation and server-side includes.

Asset Bundling + CSS Size Limits = Calamity
When we bundled two of our largest CSS files together we saw some strange IE-only styling errors. One of our front-end developers wasted at least 24 hours trying to isolate which CSS rule or expression was causing the failure, what a nightmare.

Add this to the long list of arcane and maddening Internet Explorer only gotchas to watch out for.

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